1- Our proposal for Internet influencers;
2- Exclusive advantages for the partners;
3- Our vision and strategy on "Share Economy";
4- The four main bases of the platform;
5- How you can make lots of money being a WorkPro;
6- The vision of our table of profits;
7- How to join and have up to one year free.
What you will find here
Marketing Proposal for Influencers
It is a plan for Internet professionals, Bloggers, YouTubers or even those who have Fan Pages or Instagram.
1- Normally an invitation from us to a WorkPro is only 30 days.
2- For the launch, we are granting six months of the free plan, renewed quarterly. 
3- If you do not reach your goal during the six months, we will grant you another 90 days. If we still can not arrive there, we will extend to another 90, completing one year of the free plan. 
4- But you may ask yourself: but what is my goal? Your goal should be an amount that allows you to pay your plan and still have a value for your extra expenses. Your plan can be Basic, Standard or Extreme.
Having medium to high income is our vision so that everyone has enough to share. Our view is for people to be well rewarded financially to be able to finance projects that can turn dreams into reality.
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